Medical Devices

Epicor® for Medical Devices – ERP Solution

Epicor understands that as medical device manufacturer, your success depends on your ability to manufacture superior products. You must follow closely controlled processes to develop and manufacture products that meet the strictest quality standards.

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Proffessional Services

Professional Services Software Solutions

Increasingly, Professional Service organizations around the world are relying on software to meet the needs of their project-centric businesses. Whether it’s called Professional Service Automation, Enterprise Service Automation, ERP for Services or at a more mundane level, Project Accounting, Epicor for Service Enterprises has been explicitly developed from the ground up to address the specific requirements of professional services organizations in managing the delivery of client projects, and the resources required for those projects, such as skilled personnel and equipment.

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ERP Software for Printing and Packaging Companies

Epicor® for Printing and Packaging, formerly sold as Kodak EMS Software, is an extensive and flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that combines the strength of the award-winning Epicor ERP with the sophisticated, industry-leading print capabilities of Kodak Unified Workflow Solutions. Epicor provides a unique combination of technology and business consulting that helps you implement lean business practices and the customer-centric approach demanded by the market. Epicor helps you streamline process flow, reduce waste within your organization, and ensure that you know what your customers want and when they want it.

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Epicor® Pharmaceutical ERP

Healthcare Software for Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, and Costmetics Manufacturers

Products that customers rely on for their well-being have to be right. Manufacturers and distributors of these vital products rely on pharmaceutical ERP software from Epicor to help them meet the highest standards of efficiency, traceability and quality.

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Epicor® Packaging Manufacturing Software

Package Manufacturing ERP Designed by Industry Experts for Packaging Manufacturers

Epicor supplies integrated management information systems and packaging manufacturing software to the entire spectrum of packaging manufacturing companies. Over 600 paperboard packaging companies use our packaging manufacturing ERP to boost operational efficiency and profitability.

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Rubber and Plastics

Rubber and Plastics – Manufacturing Software

Epicor® understands that for manufacturers working with Plastics and Rubbers, the variety of composite materials, the variety of products currently being produced, and the rapid change in development of new products all come together to demand greater agility within the organization.

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Food and Beverages

Epicor® Food and Beverage Software

Food Manufacturing software Improves Production Scheduling

Traceability, quality, regulatory compliance and rapid fulfillment are key features of Epicor food and beverage software for the food and beverage manufacturing industry. From bulk foodstuffs to short-cycle fresh produce, we help businesses supply major retailers, the catering trade and direct sales customers.

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Furniture and Fixtures

MRP System Software for Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturers

Epicor® understands the pressures on furniture and fixture manufacturers. Customer demands for reduced lead times, lower prices, and stricter quality standards continually challenge your business to remain competitive. Global competition puts addtional stress on the marketplace—and on your profit margins. You need a furniture material resource planning system, or MRP system, that understands the challenges of your industry.

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Fabricated Metals

Fabricated Metals – Software Solution

Epicor® realizes that opportunities to maximize profitability and competitiveness in today’s global marketplace drive many metal fabricators to invest in new technologies that move their businesses forward. Metal fabrication accounting software is one solution enterprises are using to manage their business and increase profits.

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Epicor® for Energy (Oil, Gas, Mining, Renewable and Utilities) – Enterprise Software Solutions

Epicor understands whether you manufacture, maintain, perform construction or installations for the energy (oil, gas and mining) industries you must control your processes, reduce costs, and respond to a new set of challenges each day. Epicor provides the solutions and tools needed to adapt to change, meet and exceed customer expectations, and address market pressures that will distinguish your business from the competition.

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Electronics and High Tech

ERP Software for Electronics and High Tech

Epicor® believes that flexibility is required to thrive in the electronics, semiconductor, and electrical equipment business. Amid a global, increasingly regulated and competitive landscape, and customers’ changing demands, you must stay one step ahead in terms of product quality, manufacturing costs, and on-time deliveries. Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for the electronics and high tech industries can help you adapt quickly and maintain market leadership. Our ERP solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing technology infrastructure.

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Construction and Engineering

ERP Software for the Construction and Engineering Industries

As a company within the construction and engineering industry, you face a number of challenges including providing accurate bids and cost collection as well as effectively managing complex projects, change orders, and billing. Epicor® understands your industry and its challenges, and has developed Epicor for Construction and Engineering—an industry-specific ERP solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing technology infrastructure.

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Epicor® for Automotive

Epicor® for Automotive – Business Software Solution

Servicing your automotive customers effectively and adapting to their increasing demands requires a flexible IT infrastructure. After more than 20 years of providing solutions for 9,000 midmarket manufacturers, Epicor knows that you need powerful automotive industry software that’s not only simple to set up and use, but also easy to integrate with other systems. The answer is an automotive manufacturing software solution built from the ground up using a true service-oriented architecture (SOA) combined with a Microsoft® .NET user interface.

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