Epicor XL Connect - easy, instant and powerful reporting tool

Reporting tool for Epicor and iScala users

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Epicor XL Connect - easy, instant and powerful reporting tool

What if you could create and refresh reports in Microsoft Office Excel, combining ERP data with additional lookups and calculations to get the answers you need without the usual challenges of gathering source data and refreshing reports? 

There is a gap between what report consumers want and what report creators can do. That gap must be filled by the right tools, data, and skills.Together, the consumers and creators need a solution that is live, complete, well‐formatted, and easy. It’s difficult to get ALL of those things in one solution, but Epicor XL Connect does it!

With Epicor XL Connect, you can say good‐bye to
copy/paste, complex queries, broken links, and out‐of‐date analysis

     Epicor XL Connect gives you

the data you need 

in the format you want 

with the skills you already have

With Epicor XL Connect you can

    • Access real-time data from your ERP system with built-in functions

    • Combine ERP data with non-ERP data, lookups, or calculations

    • Arrange and format data exactly as you want



In a hurry? In just 1 minute, become amazed at how quickly and easily you'll be generating reports and drill-downs.


Additional videos

Check out these other videos that help you fully understand the power of Epicor XL Connect: 

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Discover how Epicor XL Connect can make Excel a lot more powerful - and your life a lot less stressful.


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